PowerShell and Azure REST API

Ken Channon April 24, 2017

As you write PowerShell scripts to automate management of your Azure environment, you may find limitations with the Azure SDK cmdlets. For example, I recently enabled encryption on a customer’s storage account.   Since it only encrypts new blobs written, I wanted to provide...

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3 Reasons Your Employees Need You to Switch to Office 365

Buddy Marti February 4, 2016

Continuous product upgrades, robust security and IT controlare the obvious advantages from an IT organization perspective to move to Office365. But here are some reasons from your employee’s perspective for you to move…

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Microsoft Revenue from its Azure services grows by 140%

Chelsey Dulaney January 31, 2016

Microsoft Corp. continued an era of renewed vitality in the latest quarter, showing progress in newer cloud-computing services, as well established business lines such as the Windows operating system.

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Azure App Services 101

Lee Grant Dec, 2015

At this year’s Build Conference Microsoft introduced the latest technology for developing PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution in Microsoft Azure. This technology is called App Services. App Services integrate everything you need to build apps for multiple platforms

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