Your organization’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure provides the capability and capacity to run your critical business systems. The cost to implement and maintain the physical environment can be significant and initiatives are typically delayed as new equipment is purchased, installed and configured. Public cloud can remove these barriers and provide network, storage and compute capability-as a service. It allows your organization to focus resources on new initiatives supporting the business, and quickly become more agile and competitive.

Our customers typically follow a cloud adoption model where they first extend their infrastructure to the cloud and then begin migrating services that are the best fit or provide the most cost savings. We then work with the customer to mature their services by redesigning them to improve business continuity or operate them more efficiently.


Operating System
Directory Services


Project Management



Cloud 9 provides consulting services to design, deploy and operate your solution on public cloud platforms from the top providers (Amazon Web Services® and Microsoft Azure®). Whether an organization is new to cloud computing or extensively leverages cloud for IT services, the infrastructure team at Cloud 9 can add value. We have helped many customers deploy public cloud services to increase their capabilities, become more agile and operate more efficiently. For some, it was simply leveraging cloud for efficient off-site backup and restore. For others, it was designing and implementing highly available, geographically redundant solutions to support critical systems.


Extending on-premises environment to public cloud instantly provides limitless systems capability and capacity. A Hybrid environment is a prerequisite for a planned migration of services to the cloud and provides the ability for the on-premises services and cloud services to securely interact. Many technologies exist to bridge the environments (VPN, Service Bus, etc.). Cloud 9 works with our customers to design and implement hybrid solutions that match their IT vision and support business initiatives.


Many customers start their cloud journey by backing up systems to the cloud. This provides secure, off-site, long-term storage with low implementation and operational costs. Restoring those backed up systems (virtual machines, applications, databases, etc.) to cloud services in the event of an on-premises failure provides peace of mind for all stakeholders. Cloud 9 has implemented many cloud backup and recovery solutions, from simple file level backup/restore to complete/automated solution failover to cloud.


The time and effort it takes to migrate a specific service to the cloud varies based upon the complexity and state of that service. Other factors, such as software end of life, organizational challenges and business requirements can impact the effort as well. Cloud 9 works closely with customers to fully understand the service and come up with an efficient design and migration plan.

Business Continuity

Public cloud provides geographically dispersed data centers and an array of services that support the deployment of highly available solutions. A mix of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) components can be leveraged to meet almost any requirement. Cloud 9 works with customers to understand their availability requirements and recovery objectives (RTO and RPO). We then propose alternative architectures and/or approaches that meet or exceed requirements while fitting within budgetary constraints. Our implementation approach varies per solution, but always includes the necessary planning to ensure an uninterrupted transition to the cloud. Check out our case study on Progressive Components Inc. where we designed and implemented a cross region disaster recovery solution for all mission critical systems running in public cloud.

Managed Services

Cloud 9 strives to become our customers’ trusted advisor on cloud computing and we measure our success by the strength and duration of our partnership. We want to share on-going success with our customers and be an integral part of continually improving their IT services. Cloud 9 provides managed services for solutions running on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Cloud. We actively monitor the infrastructure, complete proactive maintenance tasks and reactive requests (administrative and break/fix). We have support engineers located in our US and India offices to provide coverage beyond business hours. Our detailed knowledge of your business and cloud solutions allows us to more quickly resolve issues and proactively identify issues and opportunities. Our Managed Services data sheet provides additional information our capabilities. Each customer service running on cloud is unique and we would work with you to create a service specific to maintaining and supporting that service.

Quick Start Services

Over the last several years, Cloud 9 has gained valuable experienced migrating customer workloads to public cloud and efficiently maintaining those workloads post migration. We have leveraged this experience to develop tools and processes that facilitate smooth and fast implementations. This IP has been packaged into services called QuickStarts that help our customers more quickly climb the cloud learning curve. They are platform specific, short-duration, tightly scoped engagements that leverage that Cloud 9 intellectual property to help you quickly migrate to the Cloud. All QuickStart engagements follow the Cloud 9 delivery framework that includes Assess, Design, Plan and Execute phases. Our current portfolio of QuickStart engagements include the following:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Operations Review
  • IaaS Security Review
  • Site Recovery