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Keep up with your customers’ needs and drive business transformation by modernizing to a smart factory.  Through the industrial internet of things (IoT) and Microsoft Azure, you’ll gain actionable insights that will enable you to respond quickly to customer feedback and market trends. 

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Many of the world’s largest finance companies are turning to Microsoft Azure cloud technology to power its digital transformation, aiming to reduce dependency on legacy technology, find new ways to leverage digital channels, and rethink how its businesses and people work. 

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Cloud 9 understands the nature and variety of todays retail landscape and business models. We help traditional brick and mortar organizations along with internet pure play E-commerce companies build secure, scalable, efficient and costeffective operational solutions to address your unique requirements.  

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Discover how pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations are reimagining healthcare and transforming their business to accelerate scientific innovation, enhance team and patient experience, and improve operational outcomes. 

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As an NFP or Association based business your organizational needs are unique in how they support the overall Mission of the company. Cloud 9 understands this and brings 10 years of experience helping our NFP / Assocation clients meet and exceed their most critical initiatives.  

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The automotive industry has multiple facades that can create organizational complexity. With Cloud 9 in the pilot’s seat, we’ll all arrive to the right set of technologies and services. Our team, with decades of experience, has worked directly with manufacturing, rental, and dealer automotive companies to accelerate them towards their goals. Our expertise ranges across Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure and RMS.


Whether you have just begun to adopt cloud or have already embraced it fully, we can help! We, at Cloud 9 Infosystems have worked with numerous clients in various verticals to harness the power of cloud and leading them to digital transformation. Our gamut of services span from envisioning, architecting, developing, implementing cloud technology to running and managing Azure cloud systems.


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