Operating from 1987, Nifast is a specialist in fastening components and automobile parts with a broad business scope of vendor approval, sourcing, quality assurance, and delivery.

Over the years Nifast has recognized the need to increase their value in the supply chain and transformed their footprint into a global supply chain solution provider with strategically placed global facilities to optimize not only competitive quality sourcing but also comprehensive JIT delivery services from their facilities located nearby some of their major customers.

Cloud 9 was engaged with Nifast in order to perform PC Management.


Nifast IT is responsible for configuring and deploying employee PCs. There were no mechanisms in place to ensure that PCs are kept up-to-date or company guidelines are being followed. With the increased mobility of workers and sophistication of hackers, it is becoming increasingly important to manage PCs closely. A single security incident could result in hours of lost productivity.


In order to achieve the above goals for Nifast, the first step was to ensure all PCs/Laptops were using Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise OS.

Implement processes and policies that leverage existing Microsoft Cloud capabilities and Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM).

  • Provision E3 Enterprise Mobility licenses for each Nifast user.
  • Configure Intune and other Azure Services to support managing Windows 10 PCs.
  • Determine, test, and implement management policies.
  • Develop, test, and implement processes.
  • Knowledge transfer to Nifast IT or Managed Services Provided by Cloud 9


The Intune capabilities, processes developed and experienced gained from managing Windows 10 PCs can be later leveraged by Nifast (with no additional cost) to manage non-corporate owned devices (smartphones) that are used for work.

Device Compliance Policies:

Cloud9 has customized policies so that the mobile devices can be compliant with Nifast organization standards defined in Intune before accessing network resources, such as email or SharePoint. Likewise, Nifast can lock down services so they’re only available to a specific set of mobile apps.

Device Configuration Policies:

The mobile device configuration policy has been carefully reviewed and verified with the Nifast Organization and customized according to their needs using Microsoft Intune which includes settings and features that can be enabled or disabled on different devices within the organization. These settings and features are added to configuration profiles.

Client Apps:

Cloud9 has pushed applications according to the need of the Nifast Organization using Microsoft Intune to manage the client apps that Nifast workforce uses. This functionality is in addition to managing devices and protecting data.

Software Updates:

Intune provides the ability to configure update settings on devices and gives Nifast the ability to defer update installation. Cloud9 has set up policies to update the devices according to the need of the Nifast Organization.


Cloud9 was able to fill all the necessary policies, restricting a device and update the windows security to the latest version which became compliant with Nifast organization standard. And finally, Cloud9 was successfully able to track all the devices and manage them in one single portal.

It is with great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Cloud 9 Infosystems. We started a formal partnership in the summer of 2014 and have completed one major project in May of 2015. Since then we have selected Cloud 9 Infosystems to be our Microsoft Partner and all projects with regards to all Microsoft Product. The first project was Office 365 and moving our emails off premise and into the Microsoft Cloud. We decided on this project in order to save administrator costs and to have current up to date Microsoft Office Products at a reasonable price. We no longer operate with old versions of these products. We have selected them to also head up our next project of upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2015. We are very satisfied with the professionalism of all Cloud 9 Infosystems staff. They stand behind their work and fully support the product. If any problem(s) should arise they are there working along with you until it is resolved.”