Digital Transformation

Cloud 9 InfoSystems works closely with customers to understand their business and envision what is possible. We guide and help them to realize their potential through digital transformation.

Pillars of Digital Transformation

Engage customers

Strengthen customer acquisition and loyalty using a smart platform that enables personalized experiences

Optimize operations

Drive business efficiencies with a cloud platform that optimizes operations and accelerates responsiveness.

Empower employees

Boost team productivity with technology that securely supports mobile teamwork and flexible workstyles.

Transform products

Create new revenue opportunities using intelligent technology to innovate products and processes.

Focus Areas


Implement continuous integration / continuous deployment pipeline with deployment and infrastructure provisioning automation to realize benefits of quick time to market capabilities. Cloud 9 team is well position to work with you to implement the automation.

Internet of Things

Bring your business together in new insightful ways with the Internet of Things (IoT)-from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams. Cloud 9 can assist you with assessing, identifying and implementing your IoT solutions.

Microservices/Serverless Architecture

At its simplest, the microservices design approach is about a decoupled federation of services, with independent changes to each, and agreed-upon standards for communication. Cloud 9 can assist you with implementing your scalable microservices implementation with our unique mix of microservices on cloud leveraging cloud serverless components.

Cloud Data Storage

With various cloud based storage options available, you can ensure that you will never lose your data and can store it secure and cost effective way. Cloud 9 can assist you in implementing cloud backup strategy that is right for you.

Power BI Quick Start

Bring your data to life and gain powerful insights with compelling visualization. Cloud 9 provides quick start program to represent your data in a dashboard in 2 weeks.

Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Rapid change in the technology and industry would require your business to evaluate optimal model for your infrastructure. Cloud 9 can assist you in identifying and executing the strategy that is right for you, be it a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud.