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Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc. is a full-service consultancy specializing in end-to-end solutions for Companies looking to build, migrate, manage, secure and optimize their Digital Cloud strategic initiatives.  Whether they are looking for Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud solutions we strive for “Trusted Advisor” status.


Digital technology was transforming our lives, and with each innovation, it became clear that digital was the future. Microsoft Azure was first released back in 2010, when Cloud 9 began its journey. Cloud 9 was born into this pioneering time. We are a Women & Minority owned Cloud Service provider living and blooming entirely in the cloud since then, helping businesses transform and gleaming trails to increase disruption across industries.

What We Believe

Our Mission:

To deliver with Unwavering Integrity, “Best in Class” IT solutions that help our customers out-compete their competition.

Our Vision:

To be the company that best builds, migrates, manages, secures and optimizes trust, and advises clients in their journey to digital transformation

Our Culture:

To create and cultivate a transparent partner engagement with all our customers and empower our teams by introducing innovative technologies.

Our 9 Core Values

Cloud 9 values are the glue that binds our culture across our global community. By living them together, we strive to provide a Cloud 9 experience to our employees, customers and partners.

Lifelong Partnership

Forming a trusted and strategic partnership with all customers

Continuous Learning

Always do the best to excel
Learn.....Learn....Learn !!!

Continuous Innovation

Creative Ingenuity and Intelligent curiosity to think out-of-the-box


Sustain passion for continuous progress and to energize others.


Build Trusted relationships and assume responsibilities

We believe in Collaboration

Foster positivity and operate in cohesion and unity.

Integrity and Transparency

Be genuine, keep up the work, speak and act with clarity

Social Responsibility

Creating a positive difference in our community thru our social events

Diversity and Inclusion

One family with equal opportunities for all

Get To Know Even More


We developed many meaningful partnerships and alliances, all with the goal to improve client service and performance.


We’ve earned a number of awards that demonstrate our growth and commitment to client service.

Community Involvement

WE are committed to create a positive impact and fulfill our social responsibility by giving back to the community.


We developed many meaningful partnerships and alliances, all with the goal to improve client service and performance.


We developed many meaningful partnerships and alliances, all with the goal to improve client service and performance.

Our Growth

Since launch, we’ve enjoyed – and continue to enjoy – phenomenal growth.
Look at our key milestones and accomplishments and see how we got there. Today, Cloud 9 continues to search out new ways to expand and evolve our solutions, always seeking to help companies realize the power of IT to transform their business and give you a Cloud 9 experience.

Suite of Managed Services offerings launches
Our Managed Services suite was created to bring our customers the ongoing stability, security, and cost management needed in a cloud environment. One of the advantages of being an extension of our customer’s team is that they can focus on what they do best–run their business. 
Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

    • Received Microsoft CSP Tier 1
    • Cloud 9 launches Tier 1 CSP offering

As Cloud 9 continued to grow and expand in our Cloud Platform expertise, we received the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Tier 1 title. Simultaneously, Cloud 9 launched a Tier 1 CSP.

US SMB Rising Star Midwest partner of the year
Cloud 9 Infosystems was announced as 2017 US SMB Rising Star Central Region Partner of the Year by Microsoft’s US Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Group. This award recognized us as the top New US SMB Partner in the Central Region decided by overall SMB YoY revenue growth of a partner. Cloud 9 has shown dedication to arming the small business community with the right technology and services they need to be successful.
Microsoft Gold Partner
Partner to receive Gold Cloud Platform Competency

In 2016, we expanded our Microsoft Partner competencies by receiving the Gold Cloud Platform Competency. This competency highlights our cloud-first philosophy, digital innovation mindset, and deep Azure expertise.

Microsoft Azure Circle partner
In 2016, Cloud 9 was recognized as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for the Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Platform Award; this was awarded to us for showing excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions. The award was a wonderful recognition of the success Cloud 9 customers experienced as they digitally transform using Azure.
Microsoft Gold Partner
Partner to receive Gold Application development competency.

Just four years after we opened our doors, Cloud 9 was announced a Gold Microsoft Partner, receiving its 1st US Gold Application Development Competency. This competency set the stage for Cloud 9’s presence in the Azure community.

Global office opens in 2012
India’s IT industry is regarded as a hub of innovators providing world class technology solutions across the globe. It’s no secret that India is booming in many ways. As home to a highly talented workforce and business-friendly Mumbai was a natural pick when the time came to open a new Cloud 9 branch.
Breaking new ground in the cloud
Back in 2011 Cloud 9 was invited to be a part of the Azure Circle, a select group of early thought leaders in the Azure channel. These were the pioneers of Azure – breaking, fixing, creating, and evangelizing to set the stage for Azure’s rapid innovation and growth. 
Born-in-the-cloud Azure Partner
Cloud 9 opened its Chicago headquarters the same month Microsoft launched Azure. Thus, began our long-standing relationship with Microsoft as a leading-edge Partner with deep Azure expertise. We truly were born in the cloud.