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  • November 30, 2021
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Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most fundamental necessities for modern businesses. It holds the key to the information your organization runs on. Naturally, without a comprehensive cloud management strategy, your business runs the risk of being more vulnerable to security threats. Lack of security, in turn, can cause unexpected data loss, leading to increased downtime and additional costs. In this scenario, managed cloud services can provide you with the perfect solution.

What are managed services?

Managed cloud services refer to the range of specially crafted services designed to offer comprehensive management of an organization’s cloud-based resources & infrastructure. They are intended to fill the gaps in the cloud management skills of the business’s internal teams.

Why are managed cloud services essential?

Setting aside the argument of whether a private cloud is better or a public one, it is time to focus on the benefits of managed IT services for today’s enterprises. Managed cloud services can maximize the potential of cloud adoption for businesses by bringing together the best benefits of both – they get the balance between the scalability of public infrastructure and the security of a private one. Implementing managed cloud solutions not only allows organizations to devote more time & attention to business processes without being too stuck up on IT but also enables them to maintain a cost-effective approach.

Top 10 benefits of Managed IT services

The users of managed cloud services have cited an extensive range of benefits. For instance, according to a Frost & Sullivan Executive White Paper, managed cloud services have enabled businesses to achieve:

  • Improved security and compliance reporting by 76%
  • Faster services & application deliveries by 70%
  • Improved customer services by 68%, among other benefits.
  • To elaborate, the benefits of managed services can be listed as following:
  • Complete customization

Let us check in details:

Centralized & comprehensive

Deploying managed cloud services brings all your controls of the cloud infrastructure in a single & centralized location and provides a comprehensive support system capable of monitoring & managing every aspect of your cloud environment. This not only simplifies administration but also keeps it more scalable and open to any future changes.

Better data visibility & availability

Managed cloud services allow your organization to access huge amounts of data with increased speed. Implementing managed cloud services also enhances data availability by offering maximum bandwidth and increasing data storage, thereby ensuring uninterrupted business processes, despite the heavy loads. With improved speed, it further brings business agility and uptime.

Automatic updates & upgrades

Cloud technology is constantly evolving, and so your deployed cloud infrastructure needs to do so too. Without updates & upgrades at the right time, your cloud infrastructure can become obsolete. Continuous upgrades, however, can be quite challenging. To keep up with the rapid innovations, it is essential to implement managed cloud services.

Disaster recovery

Cloud infrastructures remain prone to sudden and unanticipated crashes & failures. In such an event, you will run the risk of losing all your critical business data. Hence, having a consolidated disaster recovery plan is essential. Managed cloud services can strengthen your disaster recovery strategy with better resources and security. By implementing managed cloud services, you will be able to safeguard and retrieve your lost business data more effectively, enabling you to resume your processes without facing extended downtime or critical business losses.

Increased infrastructure reliability

By providing maximum visibility across all components of your organization’s cloud infrastructure, managed cloud services facilitate easy identification of potential issues & threats. This enables rapid responses & prompt actions, ensuring that the issues are resolved with speed & efficiency. In this way, your cloud infrastructure functions optimally and with increased reliability.

Enhanced security

Cloud hosting your business data & processes demand the maximum amount of network security. But with rapid technological development, the scope of network security threats grows as well, putting your cloud network at risk of security breaches & data compromise. Managed cloud services can provide the enhanced cloud security your cloud infrastructure needs to combat these vulnerabilities. It will help you to strengthen internal security as well by implementing role-based, authorized access to critical data & processes.


Businesses need a solution that brings optimum efficiency affordably. Not only that, but they also need a solution that takes their mind off the responsibilities & concerns of IT & cloud deployment and allows them to focus on core business processes & strategies.

Faster responses & deliveries

With enterprise-ready managed cloud services, businesses can enjoy faster response time and make accelerated deliveries fed with visible & available data. As a result, implementing agile practices becomes easy across servicing, repairing, and resolving issues.

Future ready

Modern businesses need to keep in mind not only the present but also the future. As such, future-proofing the data center of the organization is imperative to prevent any potential compromises in the future. And the best way to do is to migrate to the cloud. Managed cloud services leverage new age technologies to help businesses in cloud migration & maintenance, thereby making organizations ready for the future.

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Cloud 9 Infosystems provides end-to-end cloud consultancy services that optimizes a robust, scalable & configurable cloud infrastructure as per your business’s unique needs. As a women & minority owned full-service cloud service provider, we assist organizations across their digital cloud strategic initiatives, empowering them towards a dynamic digital transformation. Our cost-effective, result-driven managed cloud services minimizes disruptions across different industry verticals and fulfills business goals with expertise.